When your products arrive at our fulfillment warehouse, they may be in containers or pallets. The actual products will be inside boxes commonly referred to as outers and inners. It’s important to note that these boxes may not necessarily be the packaging used for delivering the products to your customers. Often, the packaging will come from a separate supplier, or we will handle the packaging as part of our service.

Packing isn’t just about simply placing an item in a box. It’s an opportunity to include pleasant surprises like gifts or incentives to encourage feedback, discount vouchers to boost future sales, and customer support information to reduce unnecessary returns.

At Hyperlinks Logistics we emphasize the significance of packaging as an extension of your brand and a crucial aspect of your customers’ experience.  Innovative, custom packaging can raise your buyer influence and product retention.

Our picking staff utilize RFID (radio frequency) scanners. These scanners communicate with our warehouse management systems, ensuring that your stock and our systems are synchronized when a product leaves its pick location and heads towards the packing area.

Once the item is packed, we print a shipping label from the carrier management system and attach it to the parcel. If you’re delivering domestically, this label is usually all you’ll need. However, when shipping internationally, it’s essential to adhere to the guidelines of the destination country.

For example, if you’re shipping to Europe, you will need to include the commercial invoices along with the shipping label.  Plus, you’ll need to provide the HS code, your own EORI number, and depending on the insured and actual value of the item, the product type and country of manufacture.  If the package is subject to duties, tariffs, or customs, this should be communicated to your customer in the initial stages of the sales process.

In the complex world of supply chain management, packing and labeling are far from a straightforward task. It requires expertise, and meticulous attention to detail.  Let us handle your packing and labeling needs so that you can focus on more important aspects of your business.