Why Hyperlink Logistics

Why Choose Hyperlink Logistics

We Fulfill Your Orders, While You Fulfill Your Amibitions

Hyperlink is a full service, third-party logistics company (3PL) helping online businesses, brick and mortar companies and Omni Channel businesses like yours with customized supply chain solutions.  We help get your goods and products to customers quickly, accurately, and at rates that make sense for your business − so that you can grow and continue doing business.  Here is why you should give us a try as your Canadian 3PL Services provider:

3PL E-commerce Expertise

  • Expertise & Knowhow: We have over 30 years’ experience to design and execute your supply chain effectively – no matter how complex.
  • Process excellence: We have the technology, warehouses, and processes you need.
  • Problem resolution: Our teams are trained to keep things moving, and keep you informed every step of the way to keep your product moving.

Customized Supply Chain Services

  • Customized solution: Your business is unique. We’ll customize a fulfillment solution that works for you, so you can better support your customers.
  • Small Business? No problem: No matter the size of your business, we’ll work with you to optimize your business and customer fulfillment.
  • Tracking & reporting: With our systems and programs, you can access your inventory and track all of your packages in real time, anytime.

Speed to Market

  • Fulfillment Speed: We understand that getting your product to your customer quickly is crucial. We’ll help design an effective and fast supply chain, so you can compete with big business and keep your customers happy.
  • Project Management: A dedicated team of experienced supply chain professionals manages all the details and processes and makes sure your fulfillment runs smoothly.
  • Continuous improvement: We work closely with you to continually optimize your supply chain and deliver cost savings and efficiencies as part of our ongoing process.

Personal Service

  • Personal Service: You can rely on a dedicated team of specialists to help support your business by implementing a solution that is right for you, managing the day to day, and resolving any issues – we adjust and stay nimble as your business evolves.
  • Prompt & clear communication: We are real people, with experience to make your business happen. You’ll know what is going on every step of the way – so you can rely on the end result.
  • Trust: Our team of experts are there for you. Ask our clients, they trust us with their supply chains – you can too.


  • You’ll be surprised how much we can save you and contribute to your bottom line while you grow your business. We offer competitive pricing, can reduce your processing and shipping costs, and overall, offer you pricing that works for your business.

Please Reach Out With Any Questions

We get it right – every time. We have the technology, warehouses, and processes you need to help fulfill your orders at a cost that will make sense for your business.  See us on Linkedin.