3PL Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what a 3PL entails or how it could benefit your business?  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.  We are committed to helping our customers achieve the very best in logistics support.


Question: Is Hyperlink Logistics able to integrate with Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair,  eBay and other marketplaces?
Answer: Yes, using us as your fulfillment partner is simple and straightforward.  Our  IT team will work with you and integration to most marketplaces is inexpensive and quick. Your orders will flow directly into our system for rapid fulfillment and the order status and tracking information flows back to your clients through your website or marketplace.


Question: What does a fulfillment centre do?
Answer: A fulfillment centre is a warehouse facility which receives and stores products for a reseller.  When that reseller gets an order, the fulfillment centre picks, packs, and prepares the product for shipping.  The packages are then picked up by the selected courier and delivered to the customer.  Fulfillment centres can also handles returns and exchanges , kitting, re-boxing, labeling and customized services like inserting coupons cards or messages in orders.


Question: What size of business do you serve?
Answer: We serve all size of business, whether small, medium, or large.  Smaller businesses sometimes have unique circumstances or specific needs. We help you figure it out.


Question: What services do you offer?
Answer: We are a full service, Canadian 3PL company that helps businesses with customized supply chain and business shipping solutions. We leverage state of the art technology and processes to manage and scale storage, transportation and order fulfillment rapidly, cost effectively and with extreme accuracy.  Our 3PL Services include Transportation & distribution, 3PL Warehousing, Order fulfillment, Amazon FBA Prep Services, E-commerce integration and fulfillment, Freight Consolidation, Real Time visibility, Cross Docking, Kitting and Repacking, Reverse Logistics, and Final mile delivery.


Question:  My eCommerce orders significantly increase during the Holiday season especially in late November and early December. Can you deal with the demand?
Answer: Absolutely!  There are different times of year when our customers see a dramatic increase in their orders.  We have the resources and experience to keep things running smoothly. We just need your input and work with you to plan for the peak demand periods.


Question: Do you offer packaging services for eCommerce customers?
Answer:  Yes.  Whether large or small orders, we pick your inventory with RF technology, and carefully pack it into the correct boxes for shipping. We have several packaging suppliers we work with to help customers who need special packing solutions. Some examples would be Eco Envelopes , specialty boxes to ship bottles or a specific custom size box.


Question: What is Omni Channel Fulfillment?
Answer: Omni channel means all channels. We can handle B2B, B2C, Blind drop shipment, delivery into any national retailer according to their operational guideline, Ecommerce fulfillment, Subscription sales, Final mile and Amazon FBA. Your omni channel 3PL provider manages your inventory, picking, packing, shipping, and returns.  They synchronize inventory, logistics & distribution across all your sales channels, to effectively meet customer demand.

What does WMS mean?
Answer: WMS stands for Warehouse Management System. This system allows you to view and track your inventory in real time, at every point in the fulfillment process.

What are the advantages to using Hyperlink Logistics as a fulfillment partner?
Answer: Using Hyperlink Logistics has many advantages.

  • It will free up your time to grow your brand and focus on principle business operations where your expertise is needed most
  • You will benefit from lower shipping costs by using our trusted network of carriers
  • We will improve turnaround times. We can get your product out in 24 hours if needed
  • We provide scalability for growth and peak volume seasons
  • We provide reverse logistics – meaning we process your returns

Why should you outsource your fulfillment?
Answer: Scalability is one of the greatest challenges e-commerce companies faces.  If your fulfillment is kept in-house, your time and money will be put towards storage, picking & packing orders, and shipping them.  By outsourcing this to a 3PL Provider like Hyperlink Logistics, we take care of that for you.  We will store, pack and ship your products using our network of trusted couriers, giving you more time and money to invest in your business.  Our systems are cost-effective, and ensure your customer buying experience is fast, affordable, and responsive.


Question: When is the right time to outsource my small business’ order fulfillment?
Answer:  As a small business, the right time to start outsourcing your order fulfillment is when you become too busy to do it yourself, and/or when your garage or home (or initial rental space) is filling up with your goods.   When this happens, your business is scaling up, and now you don’t have time to focus on your core operations – too much of your time is spent as a warehouse picker and packer or trying to learn how to set up and manage a warehouse.  This is not the best use of your time, and this is when you should look into finding a 3PL logistics provider.


Question:  Logistics and Supply Chain seem to be used interchangeably.  Are they the same thing?
Answer: Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, Logistics is just a piece in the overall supply chain.  Logistics refers to the movement of goods from A to B – which includes Transportation Warehousing and Order Fulfillment.  Supply Chain on the other hand is the management of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption. A supply chain is a network of companies and people that are involved in the production and delivery of a product.

The components of a supply chain include producers, vendors, warehouses, transportation companies, distribution centers, and retailers.

Please Reach Out With Any Questions

Hyperlink Logistics offers professional Canadian 3PL Services through freight partners, warehousing, unloading containers, storing goods, pick and pack, and more. All with state of the art RF scanning technology. Conveniently located in the Toronto, Ontario area. Let us be your 3rd-party, warehousing & distribution “strategic” partner!  Visit us on LinkedIn.