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3PL Transportation & Distribution

Efficient Logistics, Seamless Deliveries: Your Trusted 3PL Partner

Need to ship and deliver your product to your customer? We’ve got the expertise, courier, freight partnerships, and processes to help you create a flexible and efficient supply chain that makes sense for your business with complete visibility at competitive rates. And… we make sure your product gets there on time.  You’ll be surprised how much we can save you and contribute to your bottom line while you grow your business. We offer competitive pricing, can reduce your processing and shipping costs, and overall, offer you pricing that works for your business.

3PL transportation logistics

3PL Transportation and Distribution Service

SHIPPING: Wherever your product needs to come from or go to, we manage the shipping process from the manufacturing source to last mile delivery.

FREIGHT CONSOLIDATION: Have many different products, or simply don’t have enough for a truckload? No worries, we consolidate your products onto one container, or with those of another customer, so that your product gets to its final customer destination in the most efficient way.

COMPETITIVE FREIGHT RATES: Leverage our buying power and get the best rates in the business.

CROSS-DOCKING: Need to minimize the handling of your products? We handle de-stuffing and cross docking so that your product can get from manufacturing directly to your customer with minimal or no handling.

CUSTOMS / CROSS BORDER SHIPPING: Looking for some expertise to help manage your products through the border and customs faster and put a stop to expensive delays? Rely on our team’s professional experience to ensure you get your product through as quickly as possible.

LAST MILE DELIVERY: Getting your e-commerce product to the final mile – in the customer’s hands – can be the most challenging and sometimes the most expensive part of the entire supply chain.  Rely on us to minimize costs, ensure visibility for optimum customer communication, increased efficiency, and provide you a process you can rely on.

TRACKING AND VISIBILITY: We provide real-time tracking and visibility of shipments so you can monitor the status at any time.

RETURNS MANAGEMENT: We handle returns and the reverse logistics.

Ready to Streamline Your Supply Chain?

Hyperlink Logistics offers professional 3PL Transportation and Distribution Services in the greater Toronto area, Ontario, Canada, and beyond through freight partners, warehousing, unloading containers, storing goods, pick and pack, and more. All with state of the art RF scanning technology. We have multiple warehouses and distribution centers conveniently located in the Toronto, Ontario area. Get in touch to see how we can save you money, increase delivery times, and streamline your supply chain.  Let us be your 3rd-party, warehousing & distribution “strategic” partner!  Visit us on LinkedIn.