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Incorporated in 1989, Hyperlink Logistics is a full-service, third-party warehousing and distribution facility, located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Through our dedication in serving the commercial, industrial, retail, E-tail, distribution, and manufacturing industries, we have earned a reputation as a dynamic accurate and responsive one-stop distribution and 3PL services provider. Our goal is to provide a seamless backbone and supply chain capacity to our clients and deliver excellence and accuracy in product handling. With 30 years of Logistics experience, our experienced and dedicated staff are able to quickly adapt and react to the needs of our customers. We excel at being NIMBLE and we take exceptional pride on the level of customer service we are able to provide.

3PL Transportation & Distribution


Meet some of the people on YOUR team.

daniele 4
Daniele Ponzi (Founder and VP Business Development)

I am an entrepreneur with over 30 Years in information technology distribution, product development and business development. I grew a small operation into one of the largest privately owned IT distributors in Canada through innovative global sourcing and partnerships and sold that business in 2019 to enter the 3PL and Warehouse Distribution services industry by leveraging experience, talented employees and a sophisticated existing infrastructure. I also have extensive experience with investment and directorship in technology startups such as Ubiquilux (www.ubiquilux.com). I am driven by a passion for building relationships, using innovative thinking to build creative partnership opportunities and solving customer and marketplace problems. My key drivers are ethics, enthusiasm, reliability, integrity and honest communication.

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Andrew Moonilal (Director of Operations)

I am an open-minded, pragmatic and flexible Sr. level Operations professional with over 30 years of proven accomplishments in reducing operating costs, providing leadership and driving continuous improvement. My areas of expertise include distribution/warehousing, 3PL, technology and transportation. My valuable working experience at Daisytek International, Deeley Harley Davidson Canada and Interad Weston have afforded me great knowledge and success in building out each of their operations to be best in class. My passion is to drive operations excellence, provide a great working environment and build a strong and reliable network of customers and suppliers who can mutually benefit from my experiences.

Vic Vallabh (Manager for Client Warehouses)

I am a warehouse specialist with over 15 years of experience. I have gained valuable and extensive experience in the area of RF scanning technology and warehouse automation systems. Using this experience to enhance the warehouse operations and ultimately serve the customers is what I love doing. I enjoy working with our partner customers and understanding their needs and solving their problems.  I have worked on many large warehouse layouts along with implementing technology and process change to positively affect the warehouse operations as well as the people. My strong use of technology particularly with our state-of-the-art customized Warehouse Automation (WMS) and TMS systems (that’s how we choose the best and smartest freight solutions) is how I make our warehouse more efficient and productive. If I had to sum up my job simply I would say “I make sure what you need when you warehouse with us happens and that your customers see you as a distribution and delivery powerhouse”

Angie Gill (Credit, Billing & Services Administration Manager )

I have worked with Daniele and his company since its foundation in 1989, starting by doing administrative and clerical tasks. I moved on to collections services and had extensive training and experience in managing clients and collections while we were a national wholesaler with thousands of resellers customers including small and national retailers. I eventually became Manager of the Credit department and I still hold that position. Since the launching of Hyperlink I have also taken on the role of monitoring, auditing and reconciling all of the client services and billing to ensure the customers have clear transparent access to all of the data related to the services they are billed for. I am a good listener and excellent communicator and have built relationships with every client we have ever dealt with. I am a reasonable person who responds quickly and diligently and I will make sure that you have a comfortable trusted partner in me as the person responsible for your invoicing. You will find me to be dedicated, accurate, understanding and someone you can build a partnership with based on mutual respect and honesty. If you have any concerns or questions about invoices, credits or services I am the person that makes sure it gets resolved properly. Every time.

hyperlink jason
Jason Booth (Warehouse Team Leader)

I am a 3PL specialist with over 20 years of experience. Working in many high paced high pick distribution centres has given me valuable hands-on experience that allows me to excel in the many areas of the warehouse. Specifically with high speed, high accuracy picking and packing. My team can pick upwards of 3,000 lines generating 500 or more packages to ship per shift. This volume of pick and pack with near 100 percent accuracy from a small team is industry leading and allows us, not only to help our clients compete or outcompete the big retailers and online players with speed to market, but also keep costs low. I have also had the fortunate opportunity to learn how to plan warehouse layouts as well as put up racking when needed. We reconfigure space on the fly to help clients rapidly.  We are here for you!

hyperlink juan
Juan Montoya (Warehouse Team Leader)

I am a warehouse professional with over 20 years of experience. Coming to work is very gratifying for me, as there is so much to do in the 3PL world. I love working with clients and staff to ensure that was is require is met with high standards and completed on time. Ensuring that our clients are getting what they signed up for and working our hardest and smartest is so important to our success. Using our Warehouse Automation Systems to organize our operation from the inbound to the outbound and having complete accuracy and visibility to all inventory is very important to us being efficient, reliable, and quick. With the amazing RF technology, we have in-house, we are able to quickly process goods out the door with accuracy and care. Making our clients happy and making them look great to their final customers!

sandy hyperlink
Sandy Ego (Customer Support Administrator)

My name is Sandy and I have been with the company since June 1991. That’s over 30 years of working for this company. I have learned and grown with this team through decades and have a complete understanding of our processes, methods, and our special culture. This company has supported me when it was needed, and I support the company and the clients.

Some companies will now offer you your Customer Experience Experts, Enhanced Services Representatives, and all manner of trendy names to make them sound special. I am an expert in Customer Support. That’s what it comes down to. I am here to manage and deliver the support you need. How you need it when you need it. I am methodical, careful, considerate and detail oriented. I will not let you down because support means exactly that. Keeping the things you need standing upright in place so your business succeeds and stays strong. I will support you. You can count on me! Customers have relied on my support for over 30 years!


  • Pick, Pack, Ship, Inbound, Put-away, all using RF technology
  • Reverse Logistics, rework, labeling, sanitizing, repacking
  • Shipping with our TMS for freight shopping the best rate or we can ship with your own carriers
  • Storage of goods in bar coded bin locations, while inventory is visible at all times through our portal
  • Storage in bins or pallet locations are available based on requirement
  • De-stuffing both palletized and floor loaded containers
  • Cross-docking goods from container or trailer
  • Our hours of operation are from Mon – Fri: 8AM – 5PM but can change to meet your needs
  • Orders can be filled the same day or next day, depending on your needs
  • Full consolidation of goods ready for transport to specific lanes within Canada
  • Fully integrated IT systems, EDI, FTP, Web, we can customize to meet your needs
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