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Packing & Labeling

When your products arrive at our fulfillment warehouse, they may be in containers or pallets. The actual products will be inside boxes commonly referred to as outers and inners. It’s important to note that these boxes may not necessarily be…

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Warehouse employee picking and packing a shipment

E-Commerce Fulfilment A-Z: Part 4 – Picking

Warehouse Picking Warehouse picking is a critical and resource-intensive process for any fulfillment center. It involves the retrieval of stored products from their designated locations in order to fulfill customer orders. As one of the largest expenses of a fulfillment…

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warehouse scene of inventory management

E-Commerce Fulfilment A-Z: Part 3 – Inventory Management

Inventory Management After auditing and reworking the new stock, your inventory is imported into the fulfillment provider’s warehouse management system (WMS).  This software can easily integrate with your order management platform, ensuring total transparency of the supply chain journey from...
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boxes with logos representing eCommerce fulfillment

E-Commerce Fulfilment A-Z: Part 1 – Onboarding

3PL Onboarding If you decide to contract your fulfillment process, the first step is onboarding.  It’s critical that your business and your selected 3PL company are aligned in terms of your customers expectation and their SLA. Your technical infrastructure and…

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