After auditing and reworking the new stock, your inventory is imported into the fulfillment provider’s warehouse management system (WMS).  This software can easily integrate with your order management platform, ensuring total transparency of the supply chain journey from the picking, packing and dispatch to your customers via our carefully vetted parcel carriers.

We do not at this point in time get involved in doing any kind of inventory replenishment analysis and forecasting for clients, that function remains theirs to handle. Very few clients want to outsource the actual decision making about inventory levels.

At Hyperlinks Logistics we have close to 200,000 square feet of warehousing and distribution space throughout our strategically located order fulfillment facilities.  Despite this, demand can still outstrip supply.  This can cause increasing competition between Canada/US and overseas retailers for e-commerce warehousing and 3PL order fulfillment services.

If your company is struggling to find 3PL Warehousing services, Omni Channel Fulfillment or 3PL E-commerce fulfillment in the Toronto (GTA) area we are here to help! Hyperlinks is a full service 3PL Logistics partner ready to help small to large businesses with their order fulfillment.  Contact us today for your free evaluation – 1-844-985-1592