When your products arrive at one of our warehouse facilities our inbound freight team will register the receipt of goods from your suppliers.  At this time, you will receive a confirmation note so that you have documented proof of receipt to ensure volumes and products match our manifest.

To prevent loss of revenue our inventory management platform can send low stock notifications that trigger restocking orders from your suppliers.  Optimized order fulfillment and inventory management will ensure maximized sales potential and is a cornerstone at Hyperlink Logistics.

Cross-docking might be required for part-sold or fully sold inventories. Cross-docking is unloading inbound freight from one truck, holding it in a warehouse or terminal for a very short period, and then loading it onto another truck for outbound shipping.  For fully sold inventories products are received into the fulfilment centre and are simply dispatched to the customer or destination.

With a single scanning process, Hyperlink Logistics ensures that the following processes are captured, to improve cost optimization and the rate of product dispatch:

1.       Recording the receipt of the products, within each batch
2.       Realize pre-sold orders and unsold goods
3.       Unsold goods are warehoused for future orders
4.       Generate orders for pre-sold goods ready for dispatch
5.       Print and apply the carrier labels
6.       Send dispatch notifications to our client for goods dispatched
7.       Send carrier notifications for the end customer

Hyperlink Logistics through innovation, dedication, and technology.


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