E-Commerce fulfillment is the process of receiving, storing, often reworking product, inventory management, picking, packing, and distributing.  And all of this must happen at lightning speed to satisfy consumer expectations.

E-Commerce fulfilmentFulfillment services can be facilitated in-house by the retailer but are often outsourced to 3rd party logistics companies (3PL), due to their warehouse space and expertise.

According to the MHW January 2022 Logistics Manager’s Index Report the global e-commerce fulfillment services market is INCREASING AT A DECREASING RATE for: Inventory Levels, Inventory Costs, Warehousing Utilization Warehousing Prices, and Transportation Prices while Growth is INCREASING AT AN INCREASING RATE for: Transportation Utilization Warehousing Capacity and Transportation Capacity are CONTRACTING.

In October 2020 Blue Yonder surveyed 300 senior executives in omnichannel retail and e-commerce with responsibility for logistics and fulfillment.  Retailers surveyed saw e-commerce revenue increase by 33% from before the COVID-19 lock-downs, to today. This led to fulfillment challenges.  Many retailers have looked to fulfillment centres to help meet the customers’ demands.

Inventory accuracy is critical, along with the ability to view enterprise and third-party vendor inventory across locations and suppliers.  While order fulfillment outsourcing is in demand, it’s a major commitment. Stay tuned as we take you thought the key stages of e-commerce fulfillment.

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