E-Commerce fulfillment A-Z

  1. Onboarding

If you decide to contract your fulfillment process, the first step is onboarding.  It’s critical that your business and your selected 3PL company are aligned in terms of your customers expectation and their SLA.

Your technical infrastructure and that of your fulfillment specialist will need to integrate seamlessly including e-commerce on multiple platforms, and your order management system.  Without these integrations interruptions are inevitable.

At Hyperlink Logistics we take a one-on-one approach to evaluating your systems to map out product delivery, order volumes to determine your storage requirements during the peaks and valleys of your sales cycle.

During the discovery phase, we’ll also determine if there is any room for improvements or enhancements such as call centre support or optimized last mile delivery.

  1. Discovery: The Hyperlink account management team will begin with a discovery session to understand your business goals and objectives. This will ensure we have a complete understanding of your current challenges and long-term goals.
  2. Planning and implementation: Our team will analyze all the data collected from discovery and propose a solution to meet your requirements. Once the project plan is reviewed, finalized, and approved we will begin implementation.
  3. Execution: Hyperlink will get to work setting up all integrations and management of the fulfillment process. Once complete we will perform QA testing from order to delivery.
  4. Go Live: Orders are issued to our facilities and deliveries are dispatched based on the criteria described on the project plan.
  5. Reporting: Reports are available upon request and delivery is automated based on set communication timescales. Your Hyperlink Logistics account manager will continually review and validate the elements of the fulfillment process and make recommendations for improvements if required.

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