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3PL Order Fulfillment Services

The most important part of getting your product to your customer is fulfilling your orders – it can also be the most expensive and sometimes a clumsy and time-consuming process if you don’t have the equipment, tools, technology and staff to get it done right.    We can receive your product, process it, package it, and send it to your customer all within 24 hours – the same day – if your business requires it. And we’ll even take your returns and process them for you.  Get in touch today and learn more about our Canadian 3PL Order Fulfillment Services.

3PL Order Fulfillment

3PL Order Fulfillment Services

PICK & PACK: Small or big orders? No problem. We pick your inventory with RF technology, and carefully pack it into the right boxes for shipping. Our tried-and-true process keeps things organized and efficient reducing processing time.

KITTING: Do you need many different products and SKU’s together in one box? No problem, we manage inventory by SKU’s and can easily bundle and kit any combination you need. You can then catalog your products together and get things out to market faster at a minimal cost.

PACKAGING & LABELING: Is your packaging protecting your product the way it should? Are you presenting your product in the best way? Do you need some labeling automation? Rely on our experienced staff and processes to make sure that it gets done right.

RETURNS: Managing returns or reverse logistics can be the hairiest part of your business and a crucial point for customer satisfaction and repeat customers. Rely on us to handle your returns effectively with RF technology, clear communication, and re-inventory processes – including sanitizing and repacking – so you don’t miss a beat.

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Offering 3rd-party logistics through freight partners, warehousing, unloading containers, storing goods, pick and pack. All with state of the art RF scanning technology.
Let us be your 3rd-party, warehousing & distribution “strategic” partner!

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